Hard-hit PA school districts push back against charter schools (Pittsburgh Tribune)


January 17, 2013 – Western Pennsylvania school districts that are losing students and money to charter schools are fighting back. The Penn Hills school board this week approved spending $3,500 a month for two years of advertising on TV and the Internet. Woodland Hills will pay $13.9 million — nearly 17 percent of its annual budget — to charter schools this year to educate more than 1,150 children who live in the district, the most students among 49 suburban districts the Tribune-Review surveyed. About 22 percent of eligible students there go to charter schools. Penn Hills is sending 787 students to charter schools at a cost of $8.1 million.

Link to Full Article: http://triblive.com/news/allegheny/3253758-74/charter-schools-districts#axzz2IILXSL8T

Link to PA Charter School Enrollment Data: http://triblive.com/csp/mediapool/sites/dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID=BrvKuRlKXnSyv$2WjTHJ6JM5tm0Zxrvol3sywaAHBAm_3vJewNlKptRCOH1dl7lVE0$uXvBjavsllACLNr6VhLEUIm2tympBeeq1Fwi7sIigrCfKm_F3DhYfWov3omce$8CAqP1xDAFoSAgEcS6kSQ–&CONTENTTYPE=application/pdf&CONTENTDISPOSITION=ptr-gx-charter-011713.pdf


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