Loma Linda plans medical clinic for downtown San Bernardino (SB Sun)

January 3, 2013 – Loma Linda University Medical Center (Baa3 / 541482JR7) will build a major new medical clinic in downtown San Bernardino to provide health care to the needy, train medical residents and teach health-related job skills to high school graduates not planning to attend college. The training programs and patient care will be housed in a planned $50 million to $60 million, four- to five-story clinic to be built on vacant land fronting Interstate 215 near the city’s ballpark. The clinic will be funded largely by Loma Linda University Health but will partner with the city and the San Bernardino City Unified School District, Dr. Richard H. Hart, the university’s president, said Thursday, Jan. 3.

Link to Full Article: http://blog.pe.com/cassie-macduff/2013/01/03/san-bernardino-major-medical-clinic-planned-downtown/




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