Irvine plans review of $200 mln in Great Park funds (LA Times)

November 16, 2012 – Irvine leaders are planning a detailed review of the $200 million spent on what has been billed as the country’s next great urban park, one that is supposed to rival New York’s Central Park with a majestic man-made canyon, rivers, forests and botanical gardens Despite the spending, only a sliver of the park has been built, and most of the Marine base land remains fenced off. Park funds are expected to be exhausted next year. With a new majority taking over the council next month, city leaders indicated that they want to take a closer look at the decade-long effort to build the municipal park. A Times analysis last month showed that less than a fifth of the money spent on the park was actually used for construction. Only about 200 of the promised 1,347 acres have been developed, and half of that has been leased for commercial farming. The runways of the former Marine base have yet to be pulled up, and some of the barracks remain.

Link to Full Article:,0,4783976.story


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