Federal Aid for New York Faces Hurdle in Congress (NY Times)

November 12, 2012 – Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s request for $30 billion in federal disaster aid for the State of New York in the wake of Hurricane Sandyfaces significant hurdles in Congress, and it may take weeks, if not months, before action is taken on it, Congressional officials said on Monday. Mr. Cuomo’s request, which has yet to be formally introduced, comes at a politically difficult time in Washington, as President Obama and Congressional leaders in both parties prepare to undertake difficult negotiations this week aimed at averting a fiscal crisis. The main resistance to Mr. Cuomo’s plan is likely to come from conservative lawmakers, who have already begun to indicate an unwillingness to approve additional disaster relief spending — at least not until an existing pot of money set aside for disasters is exhausted. Republicans and some Democrats point out that Congress has already allotted $7.1 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has the authority to come up with an additional $5 billion if necessary.

Link to Full Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/13/nyregion/federal-disaster-aid-for-new-york-faces-hurdle-in-congress.html?ref=todayspaper


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