First bids are in to provide Jackson Health System ER services (Miami Herald)

November 6, 2012 – Nine bidders have expressed interest in taking over physician services in its emergency rooms, Jackson Health System announced Tuesday. In the first step of a process that has been heavily criticized by Jackson’s unions and some county commissioners, the lowest bid for the main contract — services for adults at Jackson Memorial Hospital — came from Paragon Health, a Fort Lauderdale company, which said it could supply physician services for three years for $20.4 million. By far the highest bid came from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, which said it would provide adult services for $55.5 million for three years. Some Jackson board members have noted that UM might have an advantage in the bidding process because a state law gives sovereign immunity to its doctors practicing at Jackson, meaning any malpractice judgments against them are likely to be far lower than those against other non-Jackson doctors. Jackson spokesman Matthew Pinzur said the UM bid had been rejected because it did not properly follow the specifications in Jackson’s request for proposals. Another Jackson spokesman, Edwin O’Dell, noted that the bids were preliminary. Because of a board motion, management won’t take further steps before January “unless labor and management come to an agreement sooner.”


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