San Francisco Voters To Decide On New Tax To Keep City College Open (NBC Bay Area)

November 5, 2012 – San Francisco property owners are being asked to did deeper to help keep the doors at City College open for 100,000 students. Measure A is a proposed annual $79 parcel tax that would last for eight years. The money would be used to make up for state funding cuts that are reducing services on City College’s nine campuses. The San Francisco Community College (A1 / 797683GA1) Board voted in May to place to measure on the ballot. Supporters say without it the school will have to turn thousands of students away from the education they need. But there are plenty of critics. The Libertarian party of San Francisco opposes the parcel tax, saying City College is in a fiscal crisis because of fiscal mismanagement not budget cuts. These opponents argue the management is so bad the college may lose its accreditation. Some of the problems include spending 92 percent of its budget on salaries and benefits and not collecting student fees. They believe City College should get its fiscal house in order instead of asking voters for a bail out.

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