Jerry Brown Has Pathetic Plan B for California (Bloomberg News)

November 4, 2012 – California’s Proposition 30, which would raise sales and income taxes, is sinking fast in the polls. Voters are realizing that the measure — the heart and soul of Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to “save” California — is just another cynically devised and promoted way to prop up the status quo. The measure is slightly ahead, but dropping below the critical 50 percent mark, which is a trouble sign as Election Day approaches. Californians tend to vote for politicians who want to raise taxes, but are more conservative when it comes to direct tax increases. As the Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters wrote last week, state- government insiders are “turning their attention, however reluctantly, to the fallout should, indeed, voters reject” the tax plan. Brown says there is no Plan B. He has been traveling around the state issuing dire warnings that he will have to cut education spending and children will suffer. “I’ve never quite seen such a stark black-and-white issue in my life in government,” he said in an interview with the Associated Press. He spoke recently at an elementary school in San Diego that was surrounded by “Yes on 30” political signs in Spanish and English, and whose principal declared, “There’s nowhere left to cut.” Yet the only reason that school funding is at risk for so- called trigger cuts is because the governor and Democratic legislators jiggered the budget to maximize the political message of Proposition 30. They built the budget around the assumption that it would pass, then “slashed” billions of dollars from education so they could warn about doomsday cuts.

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