Hoboken Residents Wade Across City as National Guard Arrives (Bloomberg News)

October 31, 2012 – Wearing a New York Giants sweatshirt and shorts, Kevin McGowan waded into water 3-feet deep outside his second-floor condo in Hoboken (Baa1 / 434123AU9), New Jersey, carrying a portable crib and high chair for his two daughters still inside. His family has been without power and hot water for two days after superstorm Sandy flooded the square-mile city of 50,000 across the Hudson River from Manhattan. National Guard troops arrived to evacuate thousands still stuck in their homes, and the city’s New Jersey Transit hub remained shut. “I had to walk up in the gasoline and water basically to get out,” said McGowan, 38, who works for Citigroup Inc. in Manhattan. “For all the taxes I pay, they did nothing. The government was derelict in its duty.” McGowan said he never heard police vehicles or National Guard trucks once yesterday. While he doesn’t blame Mayor Dawn Zimmer for the storm, he said he expected at least to hear some announcement via an emergency vehicle yesterday while his family was trapped without power. The city had issued a mandatory evacuation before the storm for basement and ground-level dwellings.

Link to Article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-31/hoboken-residents-wade-through-city-as-national-guard-arrives.html


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